Which Men Develop ED? Here Is Your Definitive Guide

Man in a business suit pointing to the words erectile dysfunction.

An estimated 18 million American men suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction. Table of Contents  Introduction What Causes ED? Importance of Lifestyle Choices ED’s Link to Cardiovascular Disease Medication Can Help in Most Cases Demographics of Viagra Users Order ...

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It’s Official: The Average Erect Penis Size is 5.17 Inches

Man with a magnifying glass looking down his pants.

Many men, both young and old, obsess over penis size, worrying that theirs might not really measure up. Average Penis Size Worldwide and in Select Countries* (All measurements in inches) * Veale, David, et al. “Am I Normal? A Systematic ...

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Viagra Is The Most Effective ED Drug, According to Study

Purple flower wilting.

This post talks about a 2015 study in Switzerland that concluded that among seven erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs (some of which aren’t available in the US), Viagra was most effective. However, side effects were more common with Viagra too, so ...

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Can I Try Foreign ED Drugs in Foreign Countries?

Drug enforcement officer with a trained dog sniffing luggage.

If you’re bringing in Viagra from overseas, just watch out for U.S. Customs. Suppose you travel to a country where there is an ED drug similar to Viagra, but not FDA approved. Can you try that drug while you’re there? ...

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Don’t Let a Chat Bot ‘Diagnose’ You with ED

Man in front of a laptop computer holding his eye glasses up on his forehead.

How many times have you had a medical symptom and looked it up on a search engine? Self-diagnosing a problem like erectile dysfunction (ED) on the web is probably not the best way to get help. Computers really aren’t the ...

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High Cadmium Levels Associated with ED

Cadmium element data.

There’s a new cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) and it’s something that many men feel like they can’t live without. A recent study from researchers in Texas shows that high serum cadmium levels can predict ED. This is important because ...

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Good News for Men with Pelvic Arterial Disease and ED

Medical doctor listening to a male patient.

Men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) should see their doctor. But if you’re a man with heart problems and ED, it’s imperative that you schedule a visit because a new study shows that angioplasty can help. Peripheral Artery Disease and ED ...

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X-Point Plan to Address ED Cost-Effectively

Older man performing a push up while smiling.

Improve your overall health and your ED may improve. Your body really is a temple. The practical effect of the body functioning as a whole unit means that your overall lifestyle and resulting health can affect one particular part of ...

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How Pfizer Is Coping with Generic Competition for Viagra

Amber colored glass pill container with blue and white pill capsules around it.

Pfizer lost the patent to Viagra, opening the market to competitors. We know that competition is generally good for a consumer-driven society. However, we expect that right now, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is probably not particularly happy that competitors are flooding ...

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This Vitamin Deficiency Could Contribute to ED

Green pill capsule with the words vitamin d on the side.

A vitamin D supplement, along with Viagra, will improve the situation. Here’s a riddle for you: What vitamin comes naturally from the sun but if men lack it, they could suffer from diabetes, depression, heart disease — or erectile dysfunction ...

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What Should I Do if I Experience Viagra Side Effects?

Stomach pain is a possible side effect of Viagra. Talk to your doctor if you experience it. All medications come with the risk of side effects; some are mild but some can be severe. This includes medications such as Viagra ...

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Could Counseling Help You Get Better Results from Viagra?

Man and woman holding hands while speaking with a therapist.

Even when emotional and other mental issues are not to blame for your ED, Individual or couples counseling can help you and your partner to improve the quality of your love life. Many men struggle with the early symptoms of ...

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