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Is AccessRx.com Legit?

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People are always searching online to find out if AccessRx.com is legit. Not only is AccessRx.com legitimate, but we have helped over 500,000 customers since 1998 discretely and safely purchase FDA approved medicines from the comfort of their own home.

Americans spend over $100 billion dollars every year purchasing pharmaceutical drugs for themselves. With the advancements in modern technology coupled with widespread internet access in the United States, the amount of ways that a person can get their prescriptions filled has changed dramatically. AccessRx.com legitimately gives consumers the opportunity to fill their prescriptions online safely, discretely and most importantly legally.

Why Choose AccessRx.com?

Lowered costs and convenience has unfortunately allowed many fake online pharmacies to begin been popping up using Canadian markings. AccessRx.com facilitates the filling of your prescriptions online safely and discretely. Filling prescriptions with Canadian pharmacies is not only against numerous US federal laws, but it is also extremely dangerous for your health. Most Canadian pharmacies sell generic versions of US brand name medications that are often illegal in the United States. There are currently ZERO generic versions of Viagra available in the US market but that has not stopped many “Canadian” pharmacies from selling FAKE generic versions to unsuspecting American consumers.

Some imported medications--even those that bear the name of a US - approved product--may, in fact, be counterfeit versions that are unsafe or even completely ineffective’’ - FDA.gov - Click to Tweet

AccessRx.com contracts highly qualified state-licensed physicians and pharmacists from the U.S. to provide our customers with only FDA approved brand name medications. You can always verify that the medications you purchased from AccessRx.com are authentic by using the lot number located on the pill bottle or in the pills packaging. Many drugs like Viagra and Cialis are only available using a prescription yet fraudulent Canadian pharmacies are still trying to trick you the American public. Don’t play games with your health! Listen to what of our many happy customers is saying about AccessRx.com, “

Since I am an older person, cost is important and I really appreciate the affordable prices. Thanks very much! John S. M.

If you ever have purchased prescription medications like Levitra or Tamiflu from a site where you didn’t need a prescription, just be happy that you are still breathing. Counterfeit medicines recovered by US customs officials were found to contain everything from paint thinner to rat poisons…everything but medicine.

How Do I Order on AccessRx.com?

The great thing about ordering from AccessRx.com is that it is an effortless process. Before we are able to facilitate your order we always require you to have a valid prescription. The good thing about this is it lets customers who already have a prescription from a doctor to submit and have it filled quickly, many times able to ship out that very same day. For new customers who don't already have a prescription there is no need to worry: You are referred at absolutely zero cost to you to a clinic that helps you get your prescription from a licensed US physician! If the clinic decides that a particular medication like Viagra or Cialis is appropriate and safe for you, then a prescription is written by the clinic immediately.

“Always buy medications online from a USA based safe and secure facilitator that promotes FDA-approved Medications, such as AccessRx.com”– Click to Tweet

To protect your safety and make sure that every order is legit, AccessRx.com utilizes IDology and ExpectID. So when we cannot see you face to face, this allows us to confirm your identity quickly and efficiently, while still protecting your privacy.

AccessRx.com is a legitimate online facilitator based in Tempe, Arizona where over 500,000 customers have safely and securely purchased genuine FDA approved medications like. So if you are reading this and thinking to yourself “Is AccessRx.com legit?” the answer is a resounding YES!

Just give AccessRx.com a call today at 1-800-467-0897 or simply order Viagra, buy Cialis, purchase Levitra, or Staxyn online and use the code ACCESSRX2012 and save $10 on your total order!



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