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AccessRx.com Conducts Urologist Survey Regarding Erectile Dysfunction & Treatments

Results Include Feedback on Viagra, Cialis, Levitra

AccessRx.com has released the results of a urologist survey related to erectile dysfunction and the FDA-approved prescription medications that treat it - Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

The urologist survey reveals information regarding: which ED medications are prescribed most often and why, their side effects, their effectiveness, as well as other treatments currently used.

Abstract results
  • Viagra is prescribed most often.
  • Levitra has the lowest amount of side effects.
  • Viagra and Cialis tied for effectiveness, according to patient feedback.
  • Cialis is experiencing increased sales due, primarily, to the fact it lasts longer.
  • More than two-thirds of urologists also recommend the following ED treatments: self-injection, penile implants, vacuum devices and urethral suppositories.

AccessRx.com mailed/emailed a survey to 120 urologists who designated their specialty as "erectile dysfunction" on the American Urology Association website . Results from the 17 responses received appear below.

  1. Which ED drug do you prescribe most often? (16 responses)
    • 50%     Viagra
    • 37.50%     Cialis
    • 12.50%     Levitra
  2. Which ED drug do you believe causes the lowest occurrence of side effects per 100 consumers who take the medication? (17 responses)
    • 23.53%     Viagra
    • 35.30%     Cialis
    • 41.17%     Levitra
  3. Taking into consideration the feedback you receive from your patients, please rank the 3 ED drugs in the order that your patients generally rank their effectiveness, with 1 being the best, 2 being second-best and 3 being third-best. (16 responses)
  4.   1st Place Votes 2nd Place Votes 3rd Place Votes
    Viagra 7 5 4
    Cialis 7 6 3
    Levitra 2 5 9
  5. Since 2003 when Cialis became available, it has taken market share from Viagra. Which of the following factors do you feel have contributed to Cialis gaining increased market share? Urologists were told they may check more than one box. (17 respondents)
    • 82.35%     Active Ingredients Last Longer
    • 58.82%     Effective Marketing
    • 5.88%       Generally More Effective Than Viagra
    • Other:        Less pressure for time, more natural sex; online drug program (marketing/advertising)
  6. What other treatments/procedures do you currently recommend for Erectile Dysfunction? Urologists were told they may select more than one answer. (17 respondents)
    • 100.00%  Self-Injection
    • 88.23%     Penile Implants
    • 82.35%     Vacuum Devices
    • 70.59%     Urethral Suppositories
    • 58.82%     Sex Therapy
    • 35.29%     Naturopathy/Supplements/Herbal Medicines
    • 29.41%     Revascularization
    • 23.53%     Other Surgeries
    • Other:        Penile Lengthening (Peyronies)
  7. What factors about the drug you marked in Question No. 1 cause you to prescribe it most often? Urologists were told they may select more than one answer. (17 respondents)
    • 8        Effectiveness of Product - (4 Viagra, 2 Cialis, 2 Levitra)
    • 4        Patients Ask for It Most Often - (2 Viagra, 2 Cialis)
    • 4        Active Ingredients Last Longer - (3 Cialis, 1 Viagra)
    • 2        Least Amount of Side Effects - (2 Levitra)
    • 1        Reputation Among Peers/In the Industry - (1 Viagra)
    • 1        Works Faster - (1 Cialis)
    • Other: Most long-term data (Viagra), more rigidity (Levitra), dosing opportunities more robust (Cialis)

* AccessRx is accepting suggestions for future surveys. If there is a survey you would like to see, please email us at [email protected]

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