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Sensual Lubricant

Sexual Intimate Lubes

You might call it the "secret sauce" to great sex. We're talking about a sexual intimate lubricant-and if you haven't tried it, come on!

You know it's true: When it comes to sex, wet is best-and for some couples, a bit of personal lubricant is an important part of the ritual. For men, the sensual feel of lubricant is magic-when delivered with the physical stimulation he needs for arousal. For women, a little lube adds to her comfort-and her deep pleasure.


Choosing Your Lube

While lubricants may be oil, silicone, or water-soluble, it's best to stay away from oil-based-as they can weaken a latex condom. Oil-based lubes (like Vaseline or other moisturizers) can also lead to vaginal infections.


Silicone-based lubes

Silicone-based lubes are messy, and difficult to wash out of sheets and lingerie. They also carry the risk of vaginal yeast infection, as bacteria don't easily wash away.


Water-based lubes

A water-based lubricant is ideal-as it works well with a condom, and does its job without any messy stains. The lubricant easily washes off any surface, including the skin. Make sure it doesn't contain glycerin, which can promote infections in women.

Stimula for Men & Stimula for Women are two sensual lubricants that are water-soluble, odorless and condom-safe without staining. Each tin comes with 12 individually wrapped foil packs for easy application.


Using Your Lube

Keep your lubricant near the bedside, so it's close by when you're fooling around. When the moment starts to heat up, reach for your lube-and open the packet. Apply on your palms, and rub them gently together to warm the lube. Share a little with your partner-or offer another foil pack. Flirtation is essential here!

To make him hot: Start with the penis tip and surround the shaft, delivering the right friction that leads to erection. (Hint: A drop of lube in the tip of the condom will enhance sensation.) To give her pleasure: Let your fingers work their magic, as the lubricant warms her clitoris and allows you to go deeper.

For those who engage in anal sex, lube is a necessary ingredient.

With lubrication, there is no penile chafing... no discomfort in penetration. With lube, his erection will be stronger, and his thrust will be deeper, longer, harder. With lube, penetration is much easier and sex more pleasurable.



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