Which Men Develop ED? Here Is Your Definitive Guide

Man in a business suit pointing to the words erectile dysfunction.

Table of Contents  Introduction What Causes ED? Importance of Lifestyle Choices ED’s Link to Cardiovascular Disease Medication Can Help in Most Cases Demographics of Viagra Users Order Your Viagra Online Introduction In the minds of Americans who have had no ...

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It’s Official: The Average Erect Penis Size is 5.17 Inches

Man with a magnifying glass looking down his pants.

Average Penis Size Worldwide and in Select Countries* (All measurements in inches) * Veale, David, et al. “Am I Normal? A Systematic Review and Construction of Nomograms for Flaccid and Erect Penis Length and Circumference in up to 15,521 Men.” BJU ...

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High Cadmium Levels Associated with ED

Cadmium element data.

There’s a new cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) and it’s something that many men feel like they can’t live without. A recent study from researchers in Texas shows that high serum cadmium levels can predict ED. This is important because ...

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Good News for Men with Pelvic Arterial Disease and ED

Medical doctor listening to a male patient.

Men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) should see their doctor. But if you’re a man with heart problems and ED, it’s imperative that you schedule a visit because a new study shows that angioplasty can help. Peripheral Artery Disease and ED ...

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X-Point Plan to Address ED Cost-Effectively

Older man performing a push up while smiling.

Your body really is a temple. The practical effect of the body functioning as a whole unit means that your overall lifestyle and resulting health can affect one particular part of the body. If one part of the body is ...

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How Pfizer Is Coping with Generic Competition for Viagra

Amber colored glass pill container with blue and white pill capsules around it.

We know that competition is generally good for a consumer-driven society. However, we expect that right now, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is probably not particularly happy that competitors are flooding the market with generic copies of their erectile dysfunction (ED) drug, ...

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This Vitamin Deficiency Could Contribute to ED

Green pill capsule with the words vitamin d on the side.

Here’s a riddle for you: What vitamin comes naturally from the sun but if men lack it, they could suffer from diabetes, depression, heart disease — or erectile dysfunction (ED)? The answer is vitamin D. Many Americans are deficient in ...

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What Should I Do if I Experience Viagra Side Effects?

The words side effects created with pills.

All medications come with the risk of side effects; some are mild but some can be severe. This includes medications such as Viagra for erectile dysfunction (ED). Most side effects, like a headache or indigestion, are temporary and not bad enough ...

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Could Counseling Help You Get Better Results from Viagra?

Man and woman holding hands while speaking with a therapist.

Many men struggle with the early symptoms of erectile dysfunction until they are finally able to fully acknowledge that they do indeed have a problem and they can seek professional medical care. During this process, both his partner and he ...

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ED Meds Like Viagra Don’t Make You a Machine

Man sitting at the edge of his bed appearing frustrated with a woman in the background.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Psychological Causes of ED Treating All Contributing Factors Anxiety Depression Guilt Indifference Low Self-Esteem Stress Buy Viagra Online Introduction Viagra was the first of a class of medications known collectively as PDE5 inhibitors. These drugs helped ...

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A Recent Roundup of Customs Seizures of Fake Viagra

Large ship with multiple containers on it.

Did you know the ED drug, Viagra, makes the list of one of the top counterfeit products seized by customs officials every year? Although Viagra and its generic counterparts are more readily available than ever, fake pills continue to pour ...

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Trials of Reformulated Sildenafil Disappoint

Man in a lab with vials and Microscope.

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to mess around too much with a good thing. That seems to be the case with N4 Pharma’s attempt to reformulate sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, in an effort to get the drug to ...

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