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Body Dysmorphic Disorder Can Cause Erection Problems in Men

Man pushing his hands into his forward appearing in pain.

Obsession with body image is a phenomenon most commonly associated with females. Women who feel that nature has either shortchanged them or in some cases give them more body than they want to go to extreme lengths to try to ...

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Gene Therapy May Help with ED That Doesn’t Respond to Viagra

DNA model with a gloved hand removing a piece.

As revolutionary a medication as it’s been, Viagra does not work for all men suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by insufficient blood flow to the penis. For reasons that are not really clear, some men with ED simply don’t respond ...

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Summertime Warning: Dehydration Can Contribute to ED

Man carrying a gym bag drinking a bottle of water and smiling.

To function normally, your body must stay hydrated. When more fluid is going out of your body than is being replaced, you face the threat of dehydration. While hydration is important all year long, it becomes even more critical during ...

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Seasonal Allergies May Increase Erectile Dysfunction

Man blowing his nose into a tissue.

As if seasonal allergies weren’t bothersome enough, it now turns out that they can lead to erectile dysfunction. Medical researchers have not yet pinned down the precise cause of seasonal allergy-related ED, but they believe the increased inflammation characteristic of ...

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Men Who Take Viagra After Heart Attack Fare Better

A study out of Sweden found that men who took Viagra or other oral erectile dysfunction drugs after a heart attack were 40% less likely to be hospitalized for heart problems later. Not just about sex According to an article ...

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Gout Puts Men at Higher Risk of ED

Illustration of a healthy foot and a foot with gout at the synovium.

Recent studies have found that men with gout face a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction than men with no history of gout. For those unfamiliar with gout, it is a form of arthritis characterized by episodes of acute pain ...

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Texas Man Indicted for Selling Fake Viagra on Facebook

A Brownsville, Texas man has been indicted on eight counts of selling fake Viagra and other fake erectile dysfunction pills on Facebook and Craigslist over the past five years. The Cost of Selling Fake Viagra The man, Rene Soriano, is ...

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The Definitive Ranking of Medical Journals Where You Can Learn About ED

Group of scientists working in a lab with microscopes and glass beakers.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction What’s a Peer-Reviewed Journal? About the Journals Ranking Criteria Rankings Are Dynamic Journals Foretold of Viagra’s Promise How to Order Your Viagra Online Introduction Men and women suffering from chronic health conditions sometimes lose sight of ...

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Spread of Cancer Halted by Erectile Dysfunction Drugs and Flu Drug Mixture

A new study shows that a combination of erectile dysfunction drugs, including Viagra, and the flu vaccine may prevent the spread of cancer after surgery. Putting Viagra up to a new task The Ottawa Hospital’s head of cancer research and ...

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UK Soap Opera Character Deals with Male Impotence

Blue pills with the male symbol in the center.

Emmerdale, a popular British soap opera airing on the ITV network since 1972, is helping to raise public awareness about a common male health problem. In a relatively recent plot twist, one of the show’s key characters, businessman Jimmy King, has ...

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