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Daily Archives: July 3, 2018

Women’s Sexual Wellness Company’s Ads Deemed Too Racy for Subway

If you ride the subway in New York City, you may have seen ads for the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, or breast augmentation, or The Museum of Sex or the erectile dysfunction company Roman. But you haven’t seen an ad ...

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Could Phthalates in Your Grooming Products Cause ED?

Group of grooming items, scissors, deodorant, shampoo, lotion and creams.

Phthalates, chemical substances that are ubiquitous in 21st century America, may significantly increase the risk of erectile dysfunction, particularly among men of certain racial and ethnic groups. These eye-opening revelations are among the conclusions of a study published in the ...

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Which Men Develop ED? Here Is Your Definitive Guide

Man in a business suit pointing to the words erectile dysfunction.

An estimated 18 million American men suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction. Table of Contents  Introduction What Causes ED? Importance of Lifestyle Choices ED’s Link to Cardiovascular Disease Medication Can Help in Most Cases Demographics of Viagra Users Order ...

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