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Quick Erectile Dysfunction Test

The UK publication The Sun is currently offering a free online questionnaire to help men determine if they have erectile dysfunction. Self-diagnosing erectile dysfunction The 60-second test, which was developed by Lloyds Pharmacy, asks the following questions: How confident are ...

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Don’t Count Vitaros Out as a Potential Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Clipboard with medical form paper highlighting the words erectile dysfunction.

Already available in several European countries, Vitaros is a topical cream that purportedly works quickly to overcome symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Its path toward possible approval in the United States hit a stumbling block in February 2018 when the Food ...

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Table of Drugs That May Contribute to Erectile Dysfunction

Chart listing brand name drugs and common uses.

For many men, the onset of erection problems occurs shortly after they’ve begun taking a new medication. In almost all of these cases, it’s the medication that’s at fault and not the onset of full-blown erectile dysfunction. Several types of ...

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