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Is Your Erectile Dysfunction Caused by Hypertension?

Do you know the cause of your erectile dysfunction? If not, and you have other symptoms such as dizziness or a blood spot in your eyes, you may have just figured it out. Hypertension and erectile dysfunction Known as “the ...

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Botox Instead of Viagra for ED?

Physician with a syringe.

Botox for the penis? No, it’s not a cosmetic treatment but an alternative erectile dysfunction therapy for men whose ED symptoms don’t respond to Viagra or one of the other oral ED drugs. And although it is hardly the first ...

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2 Myths about Testosterone and ED

Chart showing the rise and fall of testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

As the primary male sex hormone, testosterone is responsible for the development of the physical characteristics that make a man a man. However, most men don’t really fully understand its role in sexual function. Here are a couple of widely-circulated ...

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Don’t Fall for Pheromone Claims About Erectile Dysfunction

Pheromone trap for bark beetle with forest in the background.

Pheromones are chemical substances produced by certain animals, including a wide array of mammals and insects, that trigger specific reactions in mammals and insects of the same species when the pheromones are released into the environment. For example, gardeners harness ...

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