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Men With Peyronie’s Disease Have Higher Risk of BPH and Cancers

Researchers at the American Urological Association’s 2018 annual meeting reported that men with Peyronie’s disease (PD) have a greater risk of enlarged prostate, prostatitis and various malignancies, including prostate, testis and stomach cancers. As the report explained: “Men with PD ...

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Why Not Take ‘Herbal Viagra?’ What’s the Harm?

Green powder in a bowl with capsules next to it.

Men shopping online for a low-cost erectile dysfunction treatment can hardly be blamed for being attracted to promises of all-natural cures that supposedly include healing herbs used in the folk medicines of China and India. After all, they say, if ...

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What Foods Should I Avoid to Help Prevent ED?

Erectile dysfunction

Foods that are heart-healthy are also erection-friendly, and foods that can undermine cardiovascular health likewise pose a threat to normal erectile function. So if in doubt, particularly when dining out, opt for heart-healthy menu selections. While it’s okay to indulge ...

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Can ‘Nanotechnology Structured Water’ Cure ED?

The Daily News poster with the head line Too Good To Be True.

Magnalife water, developed in Dubai, is being widely touted as a cure for just about all the ills of the world, including erectile dysfunction. Essentially, Magnalife is ordinary drinking water that has been altered in structure using the principles of ...

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