Daily Archives: September 28, 2018

Use Your Smartwatch to Improve Cardiac Health, Guard Against ED

Man looking at his watch while jogging.

Men dedicated to improving their overall health, especially cardiac wellness, are finding helpful allies in smartwatches with fitness apps as well as in stand-alone fitness trackers, such as those sold by Fitbit. These wearables and the technology they embody allow ...

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Consider the Barre Workout for Improving ED Symptoms

The life of a ballet dancer — female or male — is not an easy one. To stay in tip-top shape, these women and men spend hours exercising at the barre to maintain the strength and flexibility required to perform ...

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Who Gets ED: What the 2006 MARSH Study Can Still Tell Us

Two men close together with half their faces showing.

Conducted in the early 2000s, the Male Attitudes Regarding Sexual Health, or MARSH, Survey still has some important lessons for those interested in the relative risk of erectile dysfunction  between various racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Findings ...

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