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Interview with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Sandoval – Anxiety Related Disorders and Sexual Problems

This interview is one in a series of expert interviews on the AccessRx.com blog. We add new interviews on a regular basis. Please see our complete list of insightful interviews. 1. What is the number one concern clients seek counsel ...

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Semen But Were Afraid to Ask

By Dr. Neil Cannon, Certified Sex Therapist They say that if a man lives long enough he will ultimately die from prostate cancer.  On a similar note, in my world, if a workshop goes on long enough somebody will inevitably ...

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Obama Needs to Watch His Cholesterol

By Paul Briand, Journalist & Baby Boomer Expert Poll numbers aside, the number that really counts in the current and future life of President Obama is the cholesterol count he received recently as part of his annual physical. The numbers ...

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Top 10 Sexual Buzz Kills for Women!

By Neil Cannon, Ph.D., Certified Sex Therapist As a sex therapist and couples counselor I spend many a day and night listening to women talk about what they find attractive and unattractive in men.  Rather than discuss what women say ...

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Top 13 Baby Boomer Websites

By Paul Briand, Journalist & Baby Boomer Expert There is something for just about every Baby Boomer when it comes to enjoyable websites. They – and we – are everywhere. The Baby Boom generation that arrived as the babies of ...

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