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Man Says He Cured his Erectile Dysfunction With Poisonous Tree Frog

Here’s a story to put in your “don’t-try-this-at-home” file: A Los Angeles writer says that his erectile dysfunction was cured by smearing the poison of South American tree frog into the wound from a burn. The treatment is known as ...

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Canadians Warned About Unsafe Erectile Dysfunction Aids

Health Canada is warning its citizens about unsafe products being marketed to men with erectile dysfunction. Dangerous products Many of the products contain ingredients that can be dangerous, especially if taken by men who are already taking medications for heart ...

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Women’s Sex Drive Affected by Pain More Than Men’s

The next time your wife wants to pass on sex because she has a headache, take note: a headache to her may have more of an impact on her sex drive than it would on yours. The Research on pain ...

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Want Better Sex? Do Your Share of Child Rearing

Assuming you don’t suffer from untreatable erectile dysfunction, even “bad” sex is still probably pretty good. But what if your sex life with your wife could be even better? Would you be willing to do whatever it takes? Actually, it ...

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How to Eat Your Way to a Healthier Heart

Healthy heart

If you’d like to be able to enjoy a fulfilling sex life well into your golden years, maintaining robust heart health is essential. And one of the most important keys to a healthy heart is good nutrition. When it comes ...

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ED and Gout

ED and Gout Gout—recurrent attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis—causes swelling, inflammation, redness, warmth and pain in the affected joint. According to the Arthritis Foundation, about 4% of Americans will develop gout at some point. For men with gout, erectile dysfunction ...

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Can Direct Brain Stimulation Do What ‘Female Viagra’ Hasn’t?

Female Viagra

Women suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), the most common form of female sexual dysfunction, have few treatment options available to them today. They can try Addyi, an antidepressant-like medication with a somewhat spotty record of success, or resort ...

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Battling ED and a Sexless Marriage

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can drive a wedge between partners for a number of reasons. The man may feel ashamed that he can’t perform sexually, the woman may assume that her spouse is no longer attracted to her, and both may find ...

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3 Reasons Why Viagra May Not Work and What to Do About It

Boost your sex life

Almost half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. For the majority of those who seek treatment, ED medication like Viagra will do the trick. However, there ...

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Do Most Men With ED Seek Treatment?


If you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction (or rather, NOT dealing with it), you’re not alone. According to the U.S. News World Report article, “Most Men With Erectile Dysfunction Don’t Seem to Get Treatment,” in a study of 6 million patients ...

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