4 Diet Tips to Improve ED

4 Diet Tips to Improve ED.

TV advertisements and email marketing have focused on many different ways to address erectile dysfunction. One of the ways to improve this condition, which mainstream marketing sometimes ignores, is by improving your diet. Here’s a look at four diet tips to improve erectile dysfunction, or ED:

Get proper nutrients

For starters, try to get the right nutrients. Here are several foods you can include in your diet to improve ED:

  • Consider eating shellfish, which contains zinc. Zinc helps create testosterone in men that experience low hormone levels.
  • Protein in pistachios contains arginine; arginine is known to help relax blood vessels opening up blood flow.
  • Nitrates open up blood vessels and are known to increase blood flow. Celery, spinach, and beet juice are all high nitrates.
  • Studies have shown that watermelon can simulate some of the same effects ED medications can.

Avoid processed meats and fatty foods

Clogging of small blood vessels is associated with high cholesterol levels and high fat diets. These are more commonly found in patients with heart disease, but are also related to ED. Men who have a hankering for pizza and red meat would be better served trying to eat more fish, chicken and vegetables.

Avoid soda and caffeine

Drinking soda and caffeine in moderation will not have the same effects as someone who uses these as a lifeline. Studies have shown the drinking soda in excess can have psychological effects causing ED.

Avoid smoking

Nitric oxide levels are lower in smokers resulting in reduced blood flow to the penis. The probability of ED increases the more you smoke. Getting it up may mean giving it up.

All of these tips are great for better overall health and improving your sex life. Lifestyle changes like these can be difficult, but your mind and body will thank you for your efforts.