Counseling Helps Some Men With Erectile Dysfunction

Counseling Helps Some Men With Erectile Dysfunction

In an article in India’s newspaper The Tribune, Indrapratha Apollo Hospital associate consultant of psychiatry Dr. Shailesh Jha explains that an experienced counselor can help men with erectile dysfunction become more comfortable with their sexuality and examine if any underlying psychological or emotional issues could be at the root of that erectile dysfunction.

“Such an analysis plays a big role in helping patients understand and manage their conditions,” explains Dr. Jha, “eventually reducing or eliminating any psychosexual issues that may exist.”

Erectile dysfunction in young adults

Dr. Jha also points out that the psychological impact of erectile dysfunction is often greater on young adults, compared to aging men, because it affects their ability to reproduce and have a healthy sex life.

Although Dr. Jha says that stress and other factors may be at the root of psychosexual aspects of erectile dysfunction, treatment may also depend on the patient’s age and medical history.

Dr. Jha acknowledges that sometimes treatment for erectile dysfunction may also require oral medication, such as Viagra, pump devices and penile prosthetics.

Treating erectile dysfunction with Viagra

In the United States, men suffering from erectile dysfunction are often treated with Viagra. Viagra works for more than 80% of men and although it can have some side effects, such as flushing, back and muscle pain, headache, runny or stuffy nose, nausea and upset stomach, among others, most men find the side effects to be so minor that they continue taking Viagra.

Viagra is available in the United States via a prescription from a health provider. Requiring a prescription for Viagra provides several benefits to men with erectile dysfunction.

First, it helps ensure that the Viagra is pure and effective. Too often, fake Viagra found online or on the Black Market contains dangerous ingredients, such as road paint, detergent, and even arsenic.

Second, requiring a prescription for Viagra allows doctors to ask questions that may help determine the underlying cause of the erectile dysfunction.

Finally, doctors can discuss any current health conditions or medications that may prohibit a man with erectile dysfunction from taking Viagra.