Cream-Filled Penis Waffles?

phallus-shaped foods

Bananas, hot dogs, popsicles … the jokes and overdone movie scenes about these phallus-shaped foods (or the limp versions implying erectile dysfunction) are well known around the globe. But there are plenty of new foods popping up like teen boys’ erections that contribute to the novelty of putting an edible penis to your mouth.

Cream-filled penis waffles

Ketnita Prasertsomboon, who owns the Bangkok food stall, Pho Hai Ma, (which translates to “I got it from my dad”), now sells penis-shaped waffles. They sell for the American equivalent of $1.20 and are stuffed with cream or cheese and sausage. You can get them with ketchup, mayonnaise or chocolate. Apparently, Pho Hai Ma isn’t the inventor of the erect edibles, as other vendors had sold them in Taiwan previously.

Sausage penises

There’s a food stall in Taipei that apparently only serves penis-shaped foods. In addition to “Big Fruit Cock” popsicles in flavors like mulberry and passion fruit, the vendor sells penis-shaped sausages with Thai Chili Sauce, Red Wine Tomato Sauce, Honey Mustard Sauce, Taiwan Sweet & Spicy Sauce and Caesar Cheese Sauce.

Pineapple Cake

Taiwan (see a trend?) sells penis-shaped pineapple cake, which is apparently something they’re famous for.

Penis Gummies

A bachelorette party favorite, penis shaped gummies can be found pretty easily on sites like Amazon.


This isn’t your kids’ macaroni and cheese. MacAweenie & Cheese bills itself as “the Original Cheese Weenie” for those who like their noodles al dente. There’s also a fancier version called simply “Penis Pasta.”

Peanut Brittle

Called “Penis Brittle,” this tasty treat uses the slogan “Nibble those nuts!”


Although there are plenty of places you can buy penis-shaped cookies, why not just buy the cookie cutter and do it yourself?

Ice Cream

Lots of places—especially Asian countries, for some reason—sell penis-shaped ice cream.

What’s the point of penis-shaped foods? It’s not like eating them will cure your erectile dysfunction. (The only thing you can consume that will cure erectile dysfunction is a pill—Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, for example.) Still, there’s something fun and silly about getting a photo op out of your snack. Just enjoy something that shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.