Dietary Supplement Recalled for Claiming it Can Treat ED

Dietary Supplement Recalled for Claiming it Can Treat ED

A dietary supplement used to treat erectile dysfunction in men is being recalled after it was found to contain the active ingredients in erectile dysfunction drugs, including Viagra.

Euphoric capsules, which is sold by Epic Products, LLC, are being voluntarily recalled by the company.

Although it may sound like a good deal to men with erectile dysfunction to buy supplements with Viagra in them, there is no telling how much Viagra you’re getting. In addition, since the Viagra isn’t listed on the supplements’ labels, men don’t even know they’re taking Viagra.

The recall on erectile dysfunction supplements

This is especially problematic for men with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes or high cholesterol who take nitrates. Combining nitrates with Viagra can be incredibly dangerous—even lethal.

Luckily, Epic Products, LLC, hasn’t heard of any problems related to the product recall.

If you bought Euphoric capsules, check your packaging to see if your items are included in the recall. They include:

  • One-count blister cards with UPC 6-9685928646-9
  • Three-count bottles with UPC 6-9685928646-6
  • 12-count bottles with UPC 6-9685928648-3

You can also call 800-589-1470 with questions.

Getting safe Viagra

If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction drugs, don’t mess around with so-called “erectile dysfunction supplements.” Instead, set up an appointment with your medical provider to get a prescription for Viagra.

Viagra works for more than 80% of men and although it does have some side effects, most men say that the side effects are so minor that they keep taking Viagra.

Be sure to discuss and current medications and health conditions with your doctor, as some drugs can interact with Viagra. These include over-the-counter medications, prescriptions, vitamins and minerals, illegal drugs and herbal treatments.

Your doctor may also be able to figure out if you have any underlying health issues that could be causing or contributing to your erectile dysfunction, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.