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Early Trial Suggests Stem Cell Therapy May Help Erectile Dysfunction

Early Trial Suggests Stem Cell Therapy May Help Erectile Dysfunction

Stem cell therapy is turning out to be a hopeful therapy for just about everything.

From blood disease and cancer to diabetes and liver disease, according to StartStemCells.com, there are currently 65 diseases that can be treated with stem cells.

Thanks to a recent clinical trial, erectile dysfunction may eventually be added to the list.

The clinical trial’s early results

At Odense University Hospital in Denmark, 21 men who had erectile dysfunction after undergoing radical prostatectomy were treated by having stem cells from their own abdomen injected into the erectile tissue of their penis. The abdominal cells were taken out with liposuction, then the stem cells were isolated from the fat cells.

Within six months, eight of the 21 men were able to engage in intercourse. The same was true at the one-year mark: the eight men were still able to have sex.

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A phase II trial is currently in the works so the researchers can further investigate how safe and effective the stem cell therapy is for erectile dysfunction.

Viagra as a treatment for ED

Even if stem cell therapy become a standard treatment for men with permanent erectile dysfunction, it probably won’t be available for all men. This study was done on men who had undergone radical prostatectomy, and chances are, that’s who the therapy will be geared toward if it’s ever approved as a treatment.

For more than 80% of men, Viagra works safely and efficiently to treat erectile dysfunction. It doesn’t require injections—just a prescription from your doctor. Yes, some men may feel uncomfortable talking to their doctor about erectile dysfunction, but if the treatment is as simple as popping a pill, isn’t it worth it if it means getting back to intercourse?

If you’re thinking those “erectile dysfunction supplements” at the convenience store are probably close enough to Viagra, you’re wrong. Most are ineffective and contain no legitimate erectile dysfunction medications and some are even dangerous because they contain unlabeled and unapproved ingredients.

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