Man Says He Cured his Erectile Dysfunction With Poisonous Tree Frog

Here’s a story to put in your “don’t-try-this-at-home” file: A Los Angeles writer says that his erectile dysfunction was cured by smearing the poison of South American tree frog into the wound from a burn. The treatment is known as “kambo.”


The Ceremony

The 33-year-old explains that the ceremony to cure his erectile dysfunction was done in his apartment and was kicked off with snuff tobacco being blown up his nose. Then, a vine was burned before being used to sear patches of skin on his shoulder. Finally, a paste containing the poison was smeared onto the open burn.

“I started chugging water,” says the writer. “[The instructor] put dots on my shoulder and when you start feeling … it, it’s like a tingling sensation that started moving down my body, like a slow cascade.”

Then he started screaming loudly before projecting vomiting all the water.

The instructor repeated the process, flipping the dots over “like a pancake.”

“Afterwards, I just felt unbelievable calm and peace and quiet,” explains the writer. “It completely stopped that voice in the back of your head that’s constantly going. And that day when I went home and was kissing my girlfriend, it was working already.”

Although the writer says the poison provides both health and spiritual benefits, men are advised not to try to practice of kambo for erectile dysfunction. Known side effects include swelling of the face and lips, an increased heart rate and in some cases, fainting.

A Safer Alternative for Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, it’s worth talking to your doctor to ask for a prescription for Viagra. Viagra is the top-selling erectile dysfunction drug in the world and although it can have side effects, most men report that they’re mild enough to keep taking Viagra. Best of all, Viagra won’t require you to burn yourself, harvest the poison of a South American tree frog or projectile vomit to get dangerous toxins out of your system.

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