Staxyn Costs: Low Prices on Erectile Dysfunction Medication

You’ll pay around $40 per dose of Staxyn, the erectile function (ED) medication that does not have to be taken with water. Staxyn tends to take effect somewhat faster than competing ED medications, and many men prefer the convenience of a tablet that dissolves automatically.


Staxyn was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2010 and is a different form of the drug Levitra. Staxyn has the same active ingredient that Levitra has, a compound called Vardenafil. The difference is that Staxyn is a quickly dissolving tablet that is placed under the tongue, where it fizzes and dissolves in a few seconds. It does not have to be swallowed with water the way Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra do.

Prices for Staxyn

SourcePrice for 8 10mg dissolvable tabletsPrice per 10 mg dose$319.92$39.99

Prices of Staxyn closely follow prices for Levitra. Keep in mind that prescription drug prices vary over time and by region. If you’re shopping at a pharmacy in Manhattan, you may pay a different price than if you’re in Dearborn, Michigan. The following table shows representative prices for Staxyn for four major pharmacies and for online facilitator

The things men like most about Staxyn are the convenience of a quick-dissolve formula, the fact that it gets into the bloodstream faster than regular tablets, and that it comes in a small, pocket-friendly black box rather than a pharmacy bottle, so it’s easier to carry around and more discreet. The sleek packaging, which resembles a pack of gum, was designed by a London company called Burgopak Design and Packaging to give men a more convenient alternative to carrying around a clunky bottle of pills or a loose pill that could easily get lost.

How Quickly Does Staxyn Work?

Because it is dissolved in the capillary-rich region under the tongue, Staxyn provides greater systemic exposure than Levitra, which must get to the bloodstream through the digestive system. Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials using 10 mg of Staxyn found that approximately 60% of men who took Staxyn experienced an erection within 15 minutes of taking the drug. Extend the time frame to 30 minutes, and over 70% of men taking Staxyn obtained an erection suitable for sexual activity.

Staxyn or Levitra?

Choosing Staxyn or Levitra is mostly a matter of personal preference. So far, Levitra is the only ED drug that is available through Walmart pharmacies at the cost of $9 per 20 mg tablet, with a limit of 10 tablets per month.

Health insurance policies with prescription drug coverage usually don’t cover Staxyn, Levitra, Viagra, or Cialis. Even if your insurance does provide coverage for ED drugs, the drugs will almost certainly be in the highest co-payment tier of your coverage. There may be cases where the co-pay is higher than what you would pay on a cash basis.

Many men find the convenience of Staxyn to be the deciding factor in their choice, but not everyone feels that Levitra is inconvenient enough to consider switching.

Purchasing Staxyn

Staxyn is a prescription medication and must be purchased at a pharmacy or ordered through a reputable online pharmacy or facilitator.


Like the other major ED drugs, Staxyn is a prescription medication, and you need a physician’s prescription to purchase it legally. Understandably, a lot of men aren’t thrilled with the idea of going to their local pharmacy with a prescription for Staxyn and possibly encountering neighbors or kind coworkers who may inquire about their health. Furthermore, they may feel reluctant to speak with their family physician about trying an ED drug.

Fortunately, there are alternatives that allow men to safely purchase Staxyn and other ED drugs conveniently, privately, and at a competitive price. For many men, the ultimate in convenience is ordering online and having their medication delivered right to their door in discreet packaging.

Safe Ordering Online

Did you know that Viagra is the most counterfeited product in the world? That probably doesn’t come as a surprise if you have ever done a Google search on the word “Viagra.” While Staxyn isn’t as well-known as the “big three” ED drugs yet, it is already being counterfeited and sold by dishonest internet scammers who only want to separate you from your money.

If you see sites offering “Generic Staxyn,” “Herbal Staxyn” or Staxyn at “Lowest Prices Guaranteed,” you’re smart to stay away. Sites with misspellings in the search engine results should be suspect too. Not only are these sites likely to be shipping counterfeit products (when they ship anything at all), they are a good way to end up with spyware or a virus on your computer – something nobody needs.

If you want to order safely online, look for online facilitators located in the United States that employ pharmacists and physicians that are licensed in the U.S. These sites won’t offer you “generic” or “herbal” versions of the drug, just the actual name-brand, FDA-approved product. The best sites are happy for you to call the drug manufacturer with your lot number when you receive the product so you can confirm for yourself that you are getting the real medication.

When you order from a U.S.-based online facilitator like, you are ordering from a company with a real address in Tempe, Arizona that contracts with pharmacists and physicians who are licensed in all 50 states. If you are a suitable candidate for Staxyn, a pharmacist issues a prescription which is fulfilled online within minutes.

Depending on what time of day you call, your Staxyn may be shipped that very day. Next-day shipping is available, and if you would rather have your shipment sent to a FedEx shipping center instead of your home, that can be arranged as well. When you consider all this plus competitive prices, it’s no wonder that hundreds of thousands of men have safely ordered prescription drugs for ED from since 1998.

Staxyn gives men yet another effective alternative for treating erectile dysfunction. It’s convenient and the packaging is pocket-friendly and discreet. If you choose your online source for Staxyn and other ED medications carefully, you can obtain these products safely, conveniently, and at a competitive price. Click here to access and get started!