A Recent Roundup of Customs Seizures of Fake Viagra

Large ship with multiple containers on it.

Customs officials seize astounding quantities of counterfeit Viagra every year. Did you know the ED drug, Viagra, makes the list of one of the top counterfeit products seized by customs officials every year? Although Viagra and its generic counterparts are ...

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Trials of Reformulated Sildenafil Disappoint

Man in a lab with vials and Microscope.

Laboratory research has produced countless cutting-edge products to improve our health and well-being, but not all such attempts succeed. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to mess around too much with a good thing. That seems to be the case with ...

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Does My Medicare Drug Coverage Include Viagra?

Viagra, the iconic little blue pill developed by Pfizer, remains among the most popular oral ED drugs on the market. Erectile dysfunction can strike men at almost any age. However, its incidence increases as men grow older. Despite the higher ...

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Can My Partner Tell I’ve Been Taking Viagra?

Man and woman lying in bed holding hands.

Viagra can help impotent men to temporarily regain erectile function. It’s difficult for a man to hide the telltale symptoms of erectile dysfunction. He reaches a point where he simply is unable to get and keep an erection that is ...

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Could the Next ‘Female Viagra’ Be in the Form of a Topical Cream?

Woman pushing a man away while sitting on a couch.

Men enjoy a relatively broad selection of treatments for sexual dysfunction, including not just erectile dysfunction but premature ejaculation and failure to achieve orgasm as well. For years, women have complained that medical science is slighting them, offering them little ...

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Will I Develop a Tolerance to Viagra Long Term?

A pile of various pills and the word drugs spelled out with some of them.

Viagra is well-known as the little blue pill that revolutionized the treatment of erectile dysfunction caused by insufficient blood flow to the penis. It allows men suffering from ED to temporarily optimize blood flow to their genitals, thus giving them ...

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Dangers of Sitting Extend to Erection Health

man sitting on a couch watching television with is hands folded behind his head.

Multiple scientific studies show that prolonged sitting, whether in the workplace or at home, increases your risk of developing serious health problems. As just one example, a study at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee found that the risk ...

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I’ve Never Taken Viagra: Is It OK to Start with a Generic?

Split in the road, the right with a sign Name Brand and the left Generic Brand.

Is a brand-name drug superior in any way to a generic formulation of the same medication? In price, for sure, but it’s unlikely the brand-name medication will perform any better than its generic equivalent. In fact, the U.S. Food and ...

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Does My Medicare Drug Coverage Include Levitra?

Stethoscope, pills and a sheet of paper with the words Medicare Part D.

Although most Americans are aware that erectile dysfunction is not an inevitable consequence of aging, there can be little doubt that it is more common among older men. The Massachusetts Male Aging Study found that roughly 70 percent of U.S. ...

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Viagra Is Great, But It Won’t Fix a Broken Relationship

Man and woman sitting on a couch looking frustrated.

Relationships are built on a number of different factors, and when they begin to come apart it’s usually because things are amiss on multiple fronts and not just in the bedroom. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction When ED Strikes Sharing with ...

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