Does My Insurance Cover Viagra?

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Why the Bias Against ED Drugs? What’s a Formulary? Significance of Tiers Not All Health Plans Are Equal Generic Viagra Other Generics on the Way Ordering Viagra Online Introduction  Health care insurance comes in many forms. ...

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Pfizer-Approved Generic Viagra Puts Many Worries to Rest

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Pfizer’s Viagra is well-known as the little blue pill that enables impotent men to once again achieve and maintain an erection suitable for intercourse, if only temporarily. However, its hefty price tag has limited its customer base until relatively recently. ...

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Man Sentenced to 30 Months for Hocking Fake Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

A man from Tijuana has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for sneaking in fake erectile dysfunction drugs from Mexico and selling them in San Diego County. The penalty for selling fake erectile dysfunction drugs The 54-year-old was also ...

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What Is Viagra’s Half Life and What Does That Mean?

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A key pharmacological metric, a medication’s half-life is the time it takes for blood levels of the drug to be reduced to 50 percent or half the original dose. In the case of Viagra, the erectile dysfunction drug’s half-life is ...

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Emotional Pain of Prostate Cancer Partly Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

Nearly two-thirds of prostate cancer patients responding to a recent survey reported dissatisfaction with their sex lives. Just over half of these respondents reported they were suffering from some form of sexual dysfunction, and about a quarter of all respondents ...

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Viagra Boosts Chemo Effects?

Research done through the Repurposing Drugs in Oncology (ReDO) project has found that erectile drugs, such as Viagra, appear to boost the effects of chemotherapy. Viagra: Not just for erectile dysfunction According to Dr. Pan Pantziarka, PhD, the research program ...

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How to Get Your Viagra Dose Right

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Virtually all prescription medications have a recommended starting dose. In the case of Viagra, that’s 50 milligrams. However, for some men, the desired results can be achieved with half that dose, while for others a larger dose might be necessary. ...

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Don’t Put These 5 Things Near Your Penis

Sometimes, even things we’re told are safe can cause erectile dysfunction, cancer and infection. Just because someone has successfully done something risky to their junk doesn’t mean it’s safe for everyone. While you know better than to juggle steak knives ...

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Is Sildenafil Fake Viagra?

Box of pills that states Fake Drugs as a label.

Drug counterfeiters have become increasingly sophisticated in the production of their fake medications, so buy your Viagra only from well-known pharmacies and online vendors. Sildenafil, or sildenafil citrate to give it its full name, is no more “fake” than brand ...

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Britain Airs First TV Ad for Non-prescription Viagra

In May, Britain ran its first television advertisement for the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra after it became available to men without a prescription. The Viagra commercial aired during a documentary about Liverpool striker Mo Salah around 11:15 p.m. on Channel ...

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