Heart and Erection Health Depend on Adequate Folic Acid Intake

Healthy foods on a table including broccoli, spinach, shrimp, pear, and peanuts.

Eating a diet rich in folic acid, also known as folate, helps to promote healthy vascular function, which in turn supports heart health and robust erectile function. This micronutrient, a member of the B family of vitamins, helps to break ...

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7 Life Events That Can Raise Your Risk of ED

Judge's gavel with two wedding rings.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Divorce or Separation Death of a Loved One Job Loss Financial Problems Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Chronic Illness Retirement What About Viagra? Introduction  Certain life events bring with them extreme stress. And that stress can make it ...

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Low Daily Dose of Viagra Prevents Colorectal Cancer in Mice

Colon cancer illustration showing stages of disease.

Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, could someday sharply reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, the third leading cause of cancer death in America, scientists speculate. This promising possibility emerges from a recent animal study in which low daily doses ...

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Life in Prison for Man Who Murdered Doctor for ‘Causing’ ED

Maintaining healthy erectile function is an important goal for millions of men around the world. Down through the ages, males have gone to extraordinary lengths to preserve — and if necessary regain — the ability to get and keep an ...

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What You Should Know About ED During and After Cancer Treatment

Man wearing a blue t-shirt with a blue ribbon lapel pin.

In all its many forms, cancer is a terrible disease, killing more than a half million Americans every year. But medical science is making great strides against cancer, developing new therapies that collectively have sharply improved the five-year survival rates ...

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6 Reasons Why Viagra May Be a Wonder Drug

Blue pills.

Sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in Viagra, has proved to be an extraordinarily versatile medication in the 20 years that Pfizer’s little blue pill has been on the market. It long ago established itself as the treatment of choice for ...

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Thyroid Disease and ED: What You Should Know

Illustration of a man with his thyroid and lungs showing.

Located at the front of the neck, the thyroid gland lies just below the Adam’s apple. This two-lobed gland regulates the body’s growth and development. When disease hampers thyroid function, multiple body functions can be affected, sometimes subtly. Sexual function ...

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Man Tries OTC ‘Enhancement’ Products and Documents Results

Curious to know if any of those male enhancement products, including so-called herbal Viagra, offer an effective but less expensive way to combat erectile dysfunction? Personal trainer and wellness adviser Ben Greenfield found his curiosity similarly piqued and chronicled his ...

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Could Viagra Help You Live Longer?

Medical doctor holding a plastic red heart.

While Viagra is best known for its ability to temporarily overcome erectile dysfunction, a recent Swedish study suggests that the little blue pill has some benefits for overall health that could help regular users to live longer. A team of ...

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Osteoporosis Linked to ED in Some Men

Erectile dysfunction

Recent research has found a disturbing association between osteoporosis and erectile dysfunction. While osteoporosis is most widely diagnosed in women, men suffer from the disorder as well. And based on the findings of recent studies, men who suffer from ED ...

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