4 User Reviews of Viagra from Across the Web

Clip board with a sheet on erectile dysfunction surrounded by pills, needle and stethoscope.

The verdict on Viagra from those who regularly use the drug is overwhelmingly positive, although some complaint of minor side effects, such as a headache or stuffy nose. At WebMD.com, more than 200 users of the little blue pill gave ...

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Generic Viagra More Appealing in View of Pfizer’s Pending Price Hike

Prescription pill bottle lying on its side.

Pfizer’s chief executive officer Ian Read kicked off the month of July 2018 with an announcement that the drugmaker had increased prices on 100 of its most popular brand-name drugs, including Viagra. In the case of the little blue pill, ...

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Spinach Juice May Help Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may want to take a cue from Popeye: eat your spinach. How spinach helps erectile dysfunction According to an article on Prostate.net, the leafy green vegetable is high in magnesium, which helps increase the ...

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Discuss Heart Health with Your Doctor to Combat ED

Medical doctor with a male patient.

To get the most from your annual checkup at the doctor’s office, you and your physician need to address heart health, including its current state and all the steps you can take to keep it healthy. Such discussions are even more ...

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Practice Safe Sex after Getting Treatment for ED

Older couple having dinner smiling and drinking wine.

There seems to be a dangerous tendency among some older Americans to consider themselves somehow immune from the health consequences of sexually transmitted diseases. As if advancing age had conferred upon them an immunity that’s not enjoyed by younger folks. ...

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Is Soya Causing Your Erectile Dysfunction?

The soya bean has a lot of good qualities. It’s fat-free, rich in protein and vegan-friendly because it’s a plant-based product. But it may also have some downsides for men, including erectile dysfunction and other sexual health issues. Studies on ...

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Discuss Lifestyle Choices with Your Doctor to Combat ED

Man sitting on a park bench.

It is important to be honest with your doctor when asked about such basic aspects of your lifestyle as diet, exercise, alcohol consumption, and smoking. Being less than straightforward in your answers to such questions will only hurt you in ...

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Discuss Mental Health with Your Doctor to Alleviate Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Older gentleman holding his head with his hand appearing sad.

Men visiting their doctor’s office for an annual checkup usually can be coaxed to discuss some of the physical ailments that have troubled them during the preceding 12 months. Many, however, are much more reluctant to speak frankly about any mental ...

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Quick Comparison Between Viagra and Vacuum Therapy Pumps

Clipboard with a medical form attached highlighting erectile dysfunction words.

For millions of men across the globe, Viagra has been little short of a miracle drug, allowing them to resume relatively normal sex lives that were cut short by blood flow problems. After all, compromised blood flow accounts for as ...

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