Coffee Recalled for Its Viagra-Like Ingredients

If you buy your coffee online, take note: AMPT Coffee has been recalled. Sold in red packets and packaged in a red box, the coffee was found to contain something similar to the active ingredients in erectile dysfunction drugs, including ...

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Can I Bring Viagra Purchased in Another Country Back to the USA?


The Food and Drug Administration policy on the importation of prescription drugs purchased abroad is fairly clear. Under most circumstances, federal guidelines prohibit the importation of such drugs for personal use, largely because medications sold in another country have not ...

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Q&A: How Do I Know if Viagra Side Effects Are Serious?

Bottle of pills with the words side effects written below.

 Q: Does Viagra have side effects? A: Very rare indeed is the medication that has no side effects, and Viagra is no exception. Its most common side effects are mild and tend to disappear altogether upon continued use of the ...

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Eddie McGuire’s Face Used in Fake Erectile Dysfunction Ads on Facebook

Eddie McGuire, co-host of Australia’s popular show “The Hot Breakfast,” was threatening to sue Facebook over fake erectile dysfunction ads running on its site. The ad, which uses McGuire’s face, also includes a fake quote saying that McGuire has tried ...

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3 YouTube Videos on ED That Are Worth Watching

Word cloud with the words sexual dysfunction as the highlighted word.

If it’s true, as they say, that a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine how much information can be packed into a moving series of pictures, as in a video or slide show. Of course, it probably depends ...

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Potential Connection Between Erectile Dysfunction, Parkinson’s Disease

Erectile dysfunction

Men with erectile dysfunction may have something new to worry about based on a recent study that found they face a greater risk of developing Parkinson’s disease than men who are free of ED symptoms. In fact, the study showed ...

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Which ED Medication Is Right for Me?

Chart showing the active ingredients, starting dose, cost per dose, onset of action, and duration of action.

Searching for the erectile dysfunction drug that’s right for you can take a bit of trial and error. This will make it somewhat easier for you to quickly identify the medication that will work best for you, both in terms ...

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Erectile Dysfunction Questions Men Don’t Want to Ask

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, the average man who has never been treated probably knows the bare minimum, thanks to movies, TV and Viagra ads: it means you can’t get hard. Viagra can help and if you get an ...

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Rhino Horns for Erectile Dysfunction?

File this under “Better Late Than Never”: Rhino horns do not treat erectile dysfunction. With several species of rhinos on the verge of extinction, it’s vital that poachers understand that, contrary to what some people believe, there is nothing in ...

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Record Number of Fake Viagra Seized From Gangs in Britain

The Telegraph reported that more than $22 million in bogus or illegal erectile dysfunction pills were seized in 2017 from organized gangs in Britain. That’s a 980% increase over five years ago. The drugs were intercepted at ports and postal ...

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