Chemical in Turmeric Studied as Potential ED Treatment

Curcumin plant and powder.

Curcumin, a naturally occurring chemical that is found in the spice turmeric, is a powerful antioxidant with significant anti-inflammatory properties. Recent studies have indicated that it may be useful as a treatment for erectile dysfunction either alone or in combination ...

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Getting Viagra for ED While on Vacation

Family packing their car for vacation.

You’re on vacation hundreds or even thousands of miles from home when you realize that you forgot to bring the Viagra. Or worse yet, you’re far from home when the unmistakable signs of erectile dysfunction strike for the first time, ...

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Curb Your Vices to Help Viagra Work Better

Note with the words Everything in moderation.

Millions of impotent men consider Viagra a miracle drug, offering them a window of time during which they regain near-normal erectile function so that they can engage in sexual activity. However, like most drugs, it works best when the patient ...

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Don’t Consume Grapefruit with Viagra. Here’s Why.

Red grapefruit juice and fruit.

Grapefruit and grapefruit juice hardly seem likely candidates for a drug warning, but these otherwise healthy choices are probably best avoided by men who are taking Viagra or other oral ED drugs. In fact, the effects of a number of ...

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Why Your Mental Health Professional Should Know About Your ED

Document with the title Erectile Dysfunction.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Depressive Symptoms in Men with ED ED Widespread in Psychiatric Patients Psychotropic Drugs Also Cause ED Antidepressants and Sexual Function Could It Be a Vitamin Deficiency? Viagra Can Help Some Men Introduction Not so very long ...

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Indian Companies Prepare for Viagra to Go Off-Patent in U.S. in 2020

Indian flag.

The countdown to Pfizer’s loss of its U.S. patent on Viagra has begun, and many Indian drugmakers eagerly await the chance to reap profits on the American market with their generic formulations of the little blue pill. Although brand-name Viagra ...

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ED and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: What You Should Know

Stethoscope and a document with the words inflammatory bowel disorder.

Men suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are far more likely to experience erection problems and other forms of sexual dysfunction than healthy men, according to findings from a handful of recently published studies. Inflammatory bowel disease, according to, ...

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Poor Sleep Quality Associated with ED

Man lying in bed with his hand over his head.

Evidence is growing that poor sleep quality and sexual disorders, including erectile dysfunction, are closely associated. A couple of recent studies presented at the annual scientific meeting of the American Urological Association indicate that this link should be studied more ...

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Cannabis-Based ED Supplements: An Alternative to Viagra?

Pill bottle with a marijuana bud on it.

It was almost inevitable that someone would eventually come up with a marijuana-based product to treat erectile dysfunction. After all, as of late August 2018, medical marijuana was legal in 30 states and the District of Columbia, and those numbers ...

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Specialized Physical Therapy to Treat ED

Digital drawing of the pelvic bone.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction What Do the Pelvic Floor Muscles Do? Symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Kegels for Men How These Exercises Combat ED Other Aspects of Pelvic Floor Exercise Easing Prostatitis Pain Viagra May Be Able to Help Introduction ...

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