Consider Total Cost of Ownership When Buying Viagra

Buying Viagra

It Could Be Weeks Yet Before Your Appointment One of the biggest frustrations in today’s health care marketplace is the time it takes to book an appointment with a medical specialist or even your family doctor. The difficulty factor varies ...

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Man Gets Seven Curtain Rings Stuck on Penis After Taking Viagra

A 67-year-old Scottish man who had taken Viagra and put shower rings on his penis awoke from a nap to find himself in an embarrassing situation. Viagra in full effect The man had put the seven plastic rings on his ...

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Differences Between Cialis As-Needed and Cialis Daily

Do you need to use Cialis for your erectile dysfunction? For some men, this drug is the best choice. Cialis is different than other ED drugs, and it can be used daily if required. What is the difference between using ...

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Nasonex Plus Patanol: More Complete Allergy Relief?


If you’re part of the 50% of the population that struggles with chronic allergies each year, you already know how important medications are for symptom relief. The importance is compounded when you realized that 80% of allergy sufferers also struggle ...

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Viagra? Cialis? The Easiest Way to Determine Which is Best for You

Erectile dysfunction

If you’re suffering from ED, you are not alone – many men experience the frustration that comes from erectile dysfunction. But there are now many medications that can successfully help you overcome this problem. This article reviews several of the ...

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Myth: Erectile Dysfunction is Common After Bowel Surgery

If you’re about to have bowel surgery and you’re worried about developing erectile dysfunction, there’s good news: it’s not that common. Why do men assume they’ll get erectile dysfunction? Many men assume that because prostate cancer surgery can cause erectile ...

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Naked Man at Airport Took Too Many Viagra Erectile Dysfunction Pills

No doubt, the jokes at Phuket International Airport in Thailand were fast and furious January 4, 2018, when a South Korean passenger took too much Viagra. Reports say he stripped naked, destroyed retail shops and began throwing his own feces ...

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A “Dynamite” Gel for Erectile Dysfunction?

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you’ve probably heard of Viagra. But there’s a “dynamite” new gel for erectile dysfunction that’s been used in trials at University College London Hospitals. Yes, it’s literally dynamite. Dynamite for your penis Made with ...

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