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Truth About Buying Medications Online

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Truth about Buying Medications Online

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The truth about Buying Medications Online (It’s not what you think!)
From the Online Pharmacy consumer protection act of 2007, “…Many online pharmacies are legitimate businesses that offer safe and convenient services similar to those provided by traditional neighborhood pharmacies and large chain drugstores…” However, “…other online pharmacies, often referred to as “rogue sites,” engage in illegal practices of disturbing controlled substances without prescriptions or using a truncated prescription process so flawed that medical authorities reject it.”

The FDA approves buying drugs online from trusted government regulated facilitators
It’s convenient – The elderly and persons in remote areas can avoid the inconvenience of traveling to a store to purchase medications
It’s private – Many reputable internet pharmacies or facilitators allow patients to consult with a licensed pharmacist from the privacy of their home.

Reduces errors – The increasing use of computer technology to transmit prescriptions from doctors to pharmacies is likely to reduce prescription errors.
Sometimes more affordable prices

Benefits of Buying Online from Government Regulated Facilitators
– bringing drugs from a foreign country into the United States is Illegal
– Drugs sold in the United States also must have proper labeling that conforms with the FDA’s requirements.
– Drugs must be made in accordance with good manufacturing practices. Drugs can be manufactured only at plants registered with the agency, whether those facilities are domestic or foreign
– After the FDA approves a drug, manufacturers still are subject to FDA inspections and must continue to comply with good manufacturing practices.
U.S. pharmacists and wholesalers must be licensed or authorized in the states where they operate, and limits on how drugs can be distributed lessen the likelihood that counterfeit or poor-quality drugs will turn up.

Potential health risks with imported drugs from Canada
If a Canadian company is selling drugs only for export to the United States, and not to Canadian citizens, Health Canada may not regulate the drugs or the company at all.
– Drugs coming to the United States from Canada may be coming from some other country and simply passing through Canada. The drugs could also be counterfeit, contaminated, or subpotent, among other things.
Quality assurance concerns – Medications that have not been approved for sale in the United States may not have been manufactured under quality assurance procedures designed to produce a safe and effective product.
Counterfeit potential – some imported medications – even those that bear the name of a U.S. Approved product – may, in fact, be counterfeit versions that are unsafe or even completely ineffective.
Presence of untested substances – Imported medications and their ingredients, although legal in foreign countries, may not have been evaluated for safety and effectiveness in the United States. These products may be addictive or contain other dangerous substances.
Risks of unsupervised use – Some medications, whether imported or not, are unsafe when taken without adequate medical supervision. You may need a medical evaluation to ensure that the medication is appropriate for you and your condition. Or, you may require medical checkups to make sure that you are taking the drug properly, it is working for you, and that you are not having unexpected or life-threatening side effects.
Labeling and language issues – The medication’s label, including instructions for use and possible side effects, may be in a language you do not understand or may make medical claims and suggest specific uses that have not been adequately evaluated for safety and effectiveness.
Lack of information – An imported medication may lack information that would permit you to be promptly and correctly treated for a dangerous side effect caused by the drug.

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