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Levitra Faqs

Is It Safe For Women to Take Levitra?

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Short Answer: No. Levitra has been approved by the FDA for use by men only, and therefore adequate testing has not been done to determine the effects and/or side effects of the drug on women.

Long Answer: Levitra is an FDA-approved medication for treating erectile dysfunction in men. The drug is not recommended for use in women or children. The FDA has only tested the drug on men, which means that the effects of Levitra on women have yet to be thoroughly tested.

Some research has been done to explore the effects of Viagra on women. Studies have shown that women who suffer sexual dysfunction as a result of taking antidepressants can benefit from Viagra. Viagra was shown to help these women achieve orgasm, but did nothing to boost sex drive. With Levitra being similar to Viagra, it is possible that Levitra could have the same benefit.

Until the drug is approved by the FDA, women should not take Levitra without consulting their doctor. Any women looking to enhance their sexual life can try these great aphrodisiacs for women.

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