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Levitra Faqs

What Side Effects Might Be Experienced When Taking Levitra?

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Short Answer: Common, but mild Levitra side effects including heartburn, upset stomach, headache, flushing, and runny or stuffy nose.

Long Answer: Though an effective erectile dysfunction treatment, those taking Levitra may notice mild side effects, such as heartburn, upset stomach, runny or stuffy nose, headache, or flushing. These typically do not last long. Dizziness or nausea may also occur.

While uncommon, a sudden loss of vision may occur as a result from taking Levitra. Sudden loss of hearing, or ringing in the ears may occur as well. If either of these are experienced, stop taking Levitra and seek medical attention immediately. A doctor should also be contacted immediately if a fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat is noticed.

Levitra continues to work in the body for up to 6 hours, but an erection should go away after sex. If an erection lasts more than four hours, seek medical help to prevent damage to the penis.

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