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Press Releases Debuts Improved Website With New Consumer Content and Online Community

January 15, 2009 - has added several sections of useful consumer information to its revamped website, which launched today.

An abundance of new features, such as a Customer Care Center and Learning Center, have been introduced.

The following content is included in the learning center:

More new and helpful information is included within the product/category overviews for sexual health, hair loss, allergy relief, etc. A new Press Release Section is provided as well. Visitors to AccessRx can also find interactive elements in the expanded Entertainment Section.

"AccessRx provides a unique consumer environment for an online facilitator," said Richard Bernstein, marketing director for AccessRx. "We focus on providing useful information, and an interactive environment, for our visitors. Our customers have told us they appreciate the fact that we provide more than medications; we provide answers."

The new includes more than new content. The redesign was performed in part to create a more visually appealing website that is organized, more wide open and simple to navigate. Customers will find that logging in, finding medications, ordering items and proceeding to check-out is more efficient.

Also, AccessRx is taking on a more interactive approach with this redesign. Visitors to the site can participate in the new blog, as well as a broader community atmosphere. For instance, visitors will be encouraged to take part in the informative aspects of social media networks that include Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc.

"Right now, you won't find another online facilitator that provides more innovation," said Bernstein. "AccessRx provides visitors with interactive and social outlets they can engage in or ignore. It's their choice. Either way, they trust our authentic medications and successful business model."

AccessRx has earned a reputation as a leading online facilitator since 1998, and has provided thousands of consumers with brand-name, FDA-approved prescription medications.