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Press Releases Introduces Sexual Therapist Dr. Neil Cannon as Expert Blog Contributor

Sept. 21, 2009 - TEMPE, AZ - The blog today added the impressive credentials and professional insights of certified sex therapist Dr. Neil Cannon. Dr. Cannon holds a doctorate in Human Sexuality and will contribute a monthly entry to the blog.

Dr. Cannon is also a couples counselor who holds a master's degree in public health. In addition to leading his practice in Denver, Colo., he teaches sexual diversity, attitudes and behavior at the post graduate level; serves as an expert witness; provides diversity training to corporations and is the co-host of The Sex & Intimacy Show - a weekly radio show in Denver.

Dr. Cannon joins journalist Paul Briand, who writes about Baby Boomer topics, and life coach Roy Biancalana, as monthly contributors to the blog. The topics that are covered on the blog focus on men's health, healthcare and current health news.

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Dr. Cannon's first blog entry was posted today and contains advice for prospective patients to ensure that they select the right sex therapist. There are many different types of certification for sex therapists, and Dr. Cannon provides comments and insights for each of them.

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